Cookie Cutter
Cookie cutter board – with 9 shapes, each 3 cutters

SKU: 171411
PP plastic – food safe – dishwasher safe
Size: 37 x 22 cm
Colour: white

27 biscuits in the sizes of 3.5-7.5 cm.
3 biscuits each in the motifs: angel, snowman, star, comet, moon, snowflake, heart, reindeer and boots

For cutting out dough, sugarpaste or marzipan. Also suitable for crafting or modelling (e.g. modelling clay, wax)
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Not just cookie dough, but also fondant, marzipan, modelling clay and wax can be used. We offer you a wide range of motifs with something for everyone. Enjoy your baking!
This cookie cutter is made of polypropylene. The cutter is very robust and well-suited for children's hands. We advise to wash up the cutter with running, warm water straight after use.

In banderol

  • Material PP plastic
  • Size 37 x 22 cm
  • Color white
  • VE 12