Cookie Cutter
Love – Set, 3 parts

SKU: 002128
Stainless steel – rustproof – dishwasher safe
Size: 3,5–9,5 cm

For cutting out dough, sugarpaste or marzipan. Also suitable for crafting or modelling with modelling clay, salt dough or Fimo clay.
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The classic cookie cutter. You just cut out the shape of the motif and then you can set your creativity free with decorating. In our range you can find cookie cutter shapes from A like apple to Z like zebra. Enjoy baking and decorating!
The cookie cutters are made of high-grade stainless steel, dishwasher-proof and food-safe. The cutters are spot-welded. You can identify stainless steel due to the polished and shiny surface. This Cookie cutters can not only be used for cutting out dough, but also in the decorative and creative do-it-yourself and hobby field for modelling clay and salt dough or for felt work and candle and soap manufactury.

In folding box for hanging up.

  • Material stainless steel
  • Size 3,5–9,5 cm
  • Surface glossy
  • VE 5
Directions for use

- Diese Ausstechformen eignen sich auch zum Ausstechen von Marzipan und Rollfondant.
- Auf das gebackene Plätzchen den ausgestochenen Rollfondant mit etwas Rosenwasser anbringen und nach Belieben mit Speisefarben-Stiften bemalen und/oder mit Speisefarben-Pulver farbige Akzente setzen.
- Verzieren Sie die Plätzchen mit der Icing-Spritzglasur