Professional fondant modelling tool

SKU: 171459
PS plastic – food safe – dishwasher safe
Colour: white

For smooth fondant surfaces in covered cakes and tortes!
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Use our fondant smoother to avoid small bubbles and bumps when coating your cake with fondant.
These tools are made of high-quality, food-safe and stable plastic. We advise to wash them up with running, warm water straight after use. However, the rolling pin is also dishwasher-proof.

On cardboard for hanging up

  • Material PS plastic
  • Size 8,5 x 15 cm
  • Color white
  • VE 1
Directions for use

With the smoother, it is very easy to achieve a smooth coating of fondant on a cake. The smoother is really helpful for smoothing the fondant onto the cake, at the sides and corners, so that no air bubbles and wrinkles appear.
1. Roll out the fondant on a smooth surface (rolling-out mat) with a large rolling pin. The sheet of fondant must be significantly larger than the cake. Stroke the smoother across the rolled out fondant once.
2. Roll the fondant around the rolling pin, unroll over the cake, and cover the cake.
3. Smooth the surface and sides with the smoother, so that no air bubbles and folds remain in the fondant, and a very smooth and beautiful surface emerges. Cut off any excess fondant at the sides with a knife.