From metal worker to full-service company

We started in 1927 as a metalworking company that manufactured baking moulds and gardening products. Only a few years later, we were actively specialising on baking accessories, laying the foundation for Maiback’s current expertise.

From the very beginning, we have sought close contact with specialist wholesalers, specialist retailers and larger department stores. Our assortment was still small at the time, of course, but of recognised quality craftsmanship: christmas cookie cutters made of traditional tinplate and a small range of standard baking pans formed the core of our assortment.

To this day, we have successfully focused on B2B customers and the high quality standards of true professionals. In other respects, however, we have evolved far. New motifs, high-quality materials and high-tech coatings have enriched our product range.

In parallel to our product range, our range of skills has also considerably expanded. The former production facility has been extended by a marketing and graphics department, we have welcomed innovative and creative confectioners and have established departments for product development and international sales.

Today, we make the vast expertise of our manufacturing and service company available to our customers, adapting flexibly to all trends and new conditions and thus responding perfectly to the unique requirements of our customers and the market.