High-quality materials for your products

We are manufacturing our baking accessories from various materials, mainly from stainless steel, tinplate, plastic and wood. Our baking pans come with a high-quality non-stick coating that lets the baked goods just slip out of them. We also produce enamelled baking pans that are resistant to cutting, fruit acids and sourdough. Ask us which material best fits your product!
We have listed only the most common materials here to give you some first ideas. Should you have other materials in mind for your project, simply contact us, because we are working with more materials than listed here.

Stainless steel

We use a high-grade steel that is stainless, food safe and suitable for cleaning in dishwashers. You can recognize stainless steel by its polished and glossy surface. Stainless steel cookie cutters can be used to cut out dough, but are also used for handicrafts, for example, to form plasticine and salt dough, for felting, for soap or candle casting and for clay and ceramics work.


Tinplate is a material that has been used in all households for decades. However, tinplate is not rustproof and can therefore not be cleaned in the dishwasher. Tinplate can be recognized by its matte finish.


Many of our cooking spoons, spatulas and models are made of wood. Wood is a natural material with its own pleasant feel and, in addition to embossing and etching, offers further possibilities for personalisation. For example, we can print on wooden cooking spoons or burn motifs on them, unlike with metal articles.