Possible products

Countless possibilities for your custom product

Our baking and cookie cutters, baking accessories, convenience and food products are available in countless designs. Here, you can browse our products and compile a pre-selection for further discussion. When choosing raw materials for our products, we pay attention to TÜV-certified quality and have our confectioners rigorously test any new product before launch. We especially value easy handling, good baking results, energy efficiency, and durability and, of course, a flawless flavour of the finished pastries.

Cookie Cutters

Contour cutters

These cookie cutters will only cut out the motif’s outline.

Stamping cookie cutters

In addition to cutting the outline, these cookie cutters will emboss a 3D-relief on the inside, similar to a punch. After baking, this embossing can be decorated as desired.
Our contour and embossing cutters are available in stainless steel or tinplate.

Baking pans

Baking pans

Choose from classical shapes such as box or springform forms. Alternatively, select a motif baking pan that will shape your cake into the form of a teddy bear, a motorcycle, a clef, or many other designs.

Baking trays

Baking trays are oven all-rounders and suitable for all kinds of flat cakes, breads, chips, and other meals. Baking trays are available in standard sizes. We additionally offer special baking trays, such as trays with adjustable rails, or baguette baking trays with a perforation that makes your French bread even crisper.

Muffin trays

Muffin trays or cake tins are trays with recessed moulds for baking lots of smaller pastries, for example, buns, muffins or cupcakes.
Our baking trays are available as metal baking trays, in non-stick coated, enamelled or ceramic-coated variants.

Baking accessories

Small and large kitchen helpers, from rollout bars to spray nozzles to frosting or turning spatulas. Available in wood, plastic, silicone, aluminium, stainless steel and tinplate, cotton, nylon and paper.

Convenience and food

Convenience and food products in professional baking quality are often only available in industrial quantities. We deliver our products in sizes that will fit your sales or promotion needs.