Social responsibility

We are convinced that a company can only remain successful if all departments and employees collaborate as one strong team. We therefore put great value in a company’s responsibility towards the people who keep it alive, its staff. Just as we want to lead our company into the future with competence, experience, innovativeness and reliability, we also want to develop the community of our employees. For us, this begins with our role as a training company. We want to provide young people with a head start into their careers and give them the chance to develop into sought-after and competent specialists.

Just as with our customers, we want to be a good partner for our employees. We therefore see ourselves as a business that makes a positive contribution to the development of our skilled workers. As a matter of course, we regularly offer specialist training and further education measures to advance our employees’ skills. We also do everything in our power to offer our employees secure jobs.

We face the fast-paced changes of the market with a strong team spirit. As a modern company, we therefore promote a corporate culture that fosters mutual understanding, respect and appreciation at all levels of hierarchy. This is how we create the basis for a trusting collaboration. We think this is essential to promote the innovative spirit that our company needs to continue to perform successfully on the market in future, and to remain a popular employer in our region.